I have known Marc Cohen for the past 10 years and he has proven to be an absolute resource for all of my computing and Digital Marketing needs. He has given me valuable insights into many avenues of revenue streams I had not previously considered.

His valuable experience in many different areas of business and marketing have helped me to see many options that are available for me.

I was also impressed by the time he took to learn my business and familiarize himself with my needs.

Greta Chase, Client

When I needed help with my company, Mr Cohen gave me his utmost attention and focus. My business requires me to be on call 24 hours a day, and I needed a marketing plan that focused on the times of the day that I was most active. Mr Cohen took the time and really listened to me. I appreciated that very much.


Kripsy K, Manager

I Highly Recommend Him !

Marc was very helpful in giving me added on line marketing for my sports information and media. I was   very happy to have him work with me and help promote my news articles that I wrote.

Marc really knows his stuff, and I was very happy to be promoted online by him. His depth of knowledge on so many different topics really makes him an invaluable resource for me and my company.


Champagne Joe Militello, Designer