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Legal Marketing and Medical Marketing SEO vs PPC

[title_box title="Search Engine Optimization vs Pay Per Click Ad Words"] There are many different strategies of marketing your professional medial practice or legal practice on the internet. Many times, clients ask me what type of Internet Marketing is best for them. Should they use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Pay Per Click (PPC),  or should…
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Local SEO Performance value of Service Location Pages

[title_box title="Service Location Pages"] Its important to Performance Digital SEO that the location of your business be found in a natural search so that it will bring you lots of new customers and new sales. Service Location Pages help solve that need. Local customers need to be able to find your street on the internet…
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Social Media Marketing Strategies

[title_box title="Social Media Marketing Strategies South Florida"] Did you know that Social Media platforms such as Facebook, You Tube, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest can be used to help grow your business strategically ? If you have children, or if your under 30 years of age, then you realize that these platforms have become very popular…
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