Legal Marketing and Medical Marketing SEO vs PPC

Legal Marketing and Medical Marketing SEO vs PPC

Search Engine Optimization vs Pay Per Click Ad Words

There are many different strategies of marketing your professional medial practice or legal practice on the internet. Many times, clients ask me what type of Internet Marketing is best for them. Should they use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Pay Per Click (PPC),  or should they use both ? Both have their benefits and both perform very differently from each other. However, they are both used to bring in more traffic and new business to your firm. You time frame, budget, and individual needs are some of the factors that help determine which strategies to utilize. Performance Digital Marketing has more then 15 years of success in advertising New York, Los Angeles, and Local South Florida Lawyers and Medical Doctors. 

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SEO for Lawyers and Medical Doctors

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the Organic or Natural Search enhancement strategy that encompasses many different sub strategies to help get your web pages to rank as highly as possible within a Google, Bing, or Yahoo Search. It is also to help promote products within the Amazon platform, or other platforms that allow free handed writing and categorization of products or services.

Doctors and Lawyers need to be found in an Internet Search to get new clients and new business. This means being found for all of your specialties in your local area. The Service that you offer your clients are being searched for right now, and your web pages need to rank highly enough to get those new prospects to find you. If you type in South Florida Medical Marketing, or South Florida Legal Marketing, this web site ranks on page 1 ! We live and wok in South Florida, but we have experience with clients all over the USA, Some in Canada and some in Europe. We have now included services that reach out to Los Angeles SEO, and New York Social Media Marketing.

The obvious goal is to be ranked on Page 1 in a Natural Search within a Search Engine Result. This is something that is very capable for the experienced Digital Marketing Expert who has been in the field working on real life web sites and using multiple techniques. Please don't think that this article will be a blueprint on how to do it yourself. It took this author 15 years of hard work, lots of trial and error, and a lot of headaches to discover those techniques, and that's why we and others are in business. You can see our other articles on South Florida SEO to see the different types of work that is done. Success at SEO is a process, that takes time and is hard work. Different business spaces, professional services, and products for sale all require unique approach's based on the competition and the individuality of the service or product.

Search Engine Optimization that is successful will place web pages from your site on page 1 in high value keyword search results. This listing can be clicked on by as many people who can find it and there is no additional charges to you from anyone. You will have to pay an expert to perform the SEO, but those are the only charges that you will pay. We will discuss below the additional charges and complexity of PPC and its benefits and disadvantages.

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PPC is not only Google !

I cannot emphasize how many clients and prospects have confused Pay Per Click with a singular platform, Google Ad Words. PPC is a term that literally means you pay for each click of your web site listing on a specific platform. There is PPC on Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Amazon, and many other places. With that said, Google Ad Words is the undisputed  King of the Hill when it comes to paid online advertising. The reason Google is associated as singular to Ad Words is because it will generate immediate results, and is probably one of the largest Pay Per Click platforms of all time. If you want immediate results and want to send traffic into your web site, today, right now, then we would use Google Ad Words for you. However, there is a fee for each click that your listing receives, and there is a fee to the person you use or a South Florida PPC Expert

The Pay Per click model uses a Marketplace model where you purchase high value Keywords and then pay for their placement. The ranking of these adds on pages in Search Engines like Google are determined by the price others are paying for their placement. Thus, if you pay more, your ranking will be higher. There is anecdotal evidence that a web site that is properly optimized for Organic SEO, will be able to rank higher or lower pricing then a web page that has no SEO. However, you are paying directly for each click, and in a high value ranking where keywords are selling for high dollar amounts that are competitive, we want to make sure your cost is within your ROI.

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SEO or PPC, or Both ?

Medical Doctors have immediate needs for Marketing that are time sensitive such as Flu Season Vaccinations, or signing up for or changing Insurance. They also have regular services that they offer year round such as physicals, and short term medical services or emergencies. there may be services that they want to have a permanent search result for, and others that may only be for a season. Lawyers and attorneys also have different time frame needs to discuss their services and cases.

While both are effective at increasing your rankings and traffic numbers, which should you use to get the most benefit and highest return ? This is a question that must be addressed by us with you in consultation. The worst thing any Digital Marketing Expert can do is not manage your expectations properly.

SEO takes time ! It is a combination of processes that can utilize on page and off page updates that may be very numerous and time consuming to perform. It may add or update Social Media. It may require other strategies within Google, and other Search Engines. here may be linking strategies employed. Such as the one that helped you find this very post ! It will take at least 4-8 weeks before you see results. It could take longer in some circumstances. However, once you see those results, we can go into a maintenance mode that is less expensive. Also, you can receive as many clicks as possible without paying any additional charges. New keyword terms can be pursued, and there is no limit to the number of high value keyword and keyword terms that can be pursued.

PPC is expensive ! You have to pay both the platform costs, and the cost to the PPC expert who is setting up and maintaining the ads management. More often then not, high value keywords are expensive because many different web sites also want to rank highly for them. We look for Keywords that will deliver as many new clients and customers at the best price point for you to control your budget. PPC has the benefit of ranking immediately after your ad is approved.

Should you use both SEO and PPC ? The answer depends on your practice or firms needs, and the time frame in which you wish to see those keywords show up on higher pages on the Internet. They both have strong merit, and can be used in combination or individually to great success. If your firm or practice wants to be see immediately or during a specific season, or for very highly targeted keyword during that narrow time frame, I recommend PPC. If you want your practice or firm to be found for a large range of high value keywords, over a longtime period, I recommend SEO. If you are getting a good ROI, or return on investment from either strategy, I recommend using it as long as it does into the future. Your particular Firm or Practices resources and specialty and location will help determine what will work best for you. We have been successfully consulting, and implementing Digital Marketing Strategy for many clients over the past 15 years, and would be happy to help you get your web site to rank as highly as it possible can in a Google Search, and in other related Internet Search Results. Please contact me today for a FREE consultation, I would be happy to speak to you.

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