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Original Content SEO Creation for Web Sites in South Florida, New York, and Los Angeles

Original Content SEO Writing for Web Sites and Blogs

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Performance Digital SEO prides itself on being well written and well rounded when it comes to knowing a wide variety of Business spaces and current topics to write about. Our Original Content SEO works to get you noticed in the SERPS, and on Google. We have a combined writing experience of more then 25 years of writing ad copy, and press releases, and web pages, and blogs. We routinely write copy for Social Media posts, and your local Blog posts, and we have the expertise to know what your current clients and future prospects want to see. They want to see new information about the services and products you offer. They also want to know and learn more about you so they can develop an interest in your business or practice.

These Original Content writings include :

  • Website Pages
  • Blog Posts to keep your Blog current and active
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Ad Copy and ¬†Landing Pages with Call to Action


Website Pages

We write compelling new content for your web pages. These will help inform your clients, patients, customers, and new prospects with informative information. This information will help them grow out their message and have a solid presence on the internet. In addition to writing the content from scratch, we will educate ourselves completely about your business or practice and convey the high points of what you have to offer. We have worked with so many doctors, lawyers, small and large business owners that we have a vast resource of knowledge and experience to help tailor the perfect pages for your web sites content.

Blog Posts

Its important to have a functioning and working Blog on your web site, or connected to it. The Blog will help inform people of new information that may be time sensitive. You may want to inform your clients that a new service is being offered or a new specialist has been hired. We help your blog perform with Original Content SEO in Boca Raton, South Florida, New York, and Los Angeles, that will be informative, interesting, and unique to your firm. We can also use multimedia such as pictures or mpegs to show people something new and interesting to allow them to find interest in it.  With Blogs, we also have the optional feature of letting people leave comments or respond to others, and interact with you as well. They can share their blog posts on Social Media as well, which in turn will reach out to a larger audience.

Social Media Marketing

South Florida social Media Marketing Strategies

We go into more detail about the purposes and uses of Social Media Marketing on our one of our Blog pages, Social Media Management. There is also a Pay per click component of using Social Media Marketing, and we talk about that on another page in our web site, Social Media Marketing Pay Per Click. The strategy is one where we write original content for platforms like Facebook, and You Tube, and Linkedin to reach beyond the audience you know to a much larger, new group of people that you don't yet know, but will.

Press Releases

There are many times you need to get the word out about your company or yourself that require a major effort to push new information to as many people as quickly as possible. A Press Release will help you accomplish this. The Original Content Press Release that we will write for you must conform to specific standards, and then be submitted for review to a large outlet of media and online news resources. Once that is accomplished, the news medias and on line outlets must decide independently to run your press release or not. We know the tricks and tools of the trade to get that Press Release picked up. They include many factors, not the least of which is to not be a paid inclusion advertisement. We know what the many editors and online news outlets want to pick up and put in front of their readers, let us help you with those topics and ideas.

Ad Copy and Landing Pages with Call to Action

Unlike the Press Release, the Ad Copy is a paid inclusion advertisement, and while it must be original, it is a clear cut promotion of your ads and services. Paid Ads must be written in a concise, clear format within a small amount of space. These ads must say something compelling that will get new prospects and customers to click on it. Once they click on that original ad copy, they must be taken to a special landing page which has the original information they want to read about that service or product that your firm, or practice, or business is offering. Our Performance SEO strategy is to convert that prospects into live clients and purchasing customers who can easily sign up or give you information to further follow up and communicate directly with them.

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