Re Targeting Ads Cost Per Mile

Re Targeting Ads Cost Per Mile

Understanding Re Targeting Ads

Have you ever viewed a product or service on a company web site, and then seen an advertisement box for that company on another web site ? Its a very clever way of keeping your product or service relevant to the prospective client who is interested in them.

Conversion sales through Re Targeting ads

The re targeting ad will help to bring people who have already seen your web site back, and help convert them into a sale. This strategy is so effective that as many as 30% of returning prospects made a sale on sites that they had previously browsed, if they clicked on a re targeting advertisement. Even abandoned shopping carts can be revived and the prospect can be directed back to a shopping cart that contains items they already picked out, but did not purchase. If they have now chosen to purchase, all they have to do is complete the check out process and make the sale.

Cost per mile Re Targeting Ads

This process is normally set as a 'cost per mile' strategy. Instead of paying per click as is the normal way for Ad words, cost per mile is paid for total number of views or exposures. This can typically be a low price for  very large number of impressions, but those impressions do not guarantee a click has been made.