Social Media Marketing Pay Per Click

Social Media Marketing Pay Per Click

Social Media Marketing Platforms

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Social Media is typically associated with Facebook, and Twitter, but many new platforms also exist that can also help promote products and services. These include Pinterest and Instagram and many others that are being created as the future of Social Media Marketing moves forward. While many people have Facebook accounts to connect with old friends, and classmates, little do they know that a while network of Digital Marketing exists.

Social Media Marketing- Both SEO and PPC orientated

The South Florida SEO side of Social Media marketing includes creation of a business themed page connected to your personal page(in Facebook). Original content that is properly themed and aimed correctly without being overtly self-serving is very important. We have years of experience creating this original content and organizing it to perform and reach a very broad audience beyond your local group of contacts.

The South Florida PPC side of Social Media marketing includes purchasing paid inclusion to promote posts, advertise on paid banners, and buy likes and other factors. This is typically a paid strategy that helps promote your content to be read by additional prospects who are already viewing similar content. We have many different strategies we use to help give your Social Media an extra boost to gain more views and do more business.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

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