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Search Engine Optimization, which is also referred to as SEO, is the process by which Digital Marketing Specialists promote web pages in a natural search.

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South Florida SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a process of different strategies used to make your web site pages appear as close to the top of page 1 in Google, and other Search Engines for the most relevant Keywords that will help you get more new business. These strategies vary from business to business, but they all have the same desired results....getting your web site noticed and clicked on in Search's that will bring in new clients. A Boca Raton SEO strategy and a Fort Lauderdale SEO strategy are different approach's to the same puzzle. Search Engine Optimization South Florida is a unique and highly specialized process for success !

There are many different process's that we take into consideration even before we decide on a profitable strategy to employ on your behalf.

(Evaluation of your website structure)

Is the coding of your pages correct ? Do you have all the elements and plug ins needed to maximize your viability on the Internet ?

Do you have a Blog ?

Do you have Original and compelling content on you pages ?

We evaluate an rank all of these factors and many more factors not listed here to help your business perform online. Proper SEO structure and performance can help provide you lower costs if you choose to use PPC services as well. we keep all of these factors in mind as we create a solid strategy for your business to PERFORM. This is why we call ourselves Performance Digital SEO com.

SEO vs The Paid Search (PPC)

The natural search returns the results of web pages that are ranked according to the algorithms of the search engine you are using. The overwhelming number of natural search results are made using Google. Bing, and Yahoo are also used, but to a much smaller degree. These results are not the result of a paid advertisement using PPC.

South Florida Social Media Marketing and creating a Buzz

The majority of people know and use Facebook for their connections to friends and family. Did you know you can leverage Facebook and other Social Media platforms to help grow your business and gain large numbers of new customers cultivated from the friends of friends and new clients who like and follow your Facebook for Business page ? We can create and manage your Business pages in Social Media. South Florida Social Media Marketing is a specialized process that works. We can create a very professional looking page and then post original content to it each month and help you grow out a new stream of revenue from people you already know !

The Value of Service Location Pages and Local Search South Florida

We go out of our way to make sure that your services and products can be found not only in your local area, but also in the local areas where you want to sell those products and services. We have a long standing expertise and practice of making the most effective service location pages that will help your web site appear in South Florida local search results where you want to be found. We will help you be strategic and find locations where your competitors may have missed for you to corner the market on that business in that area.

Our Multi Point SEO inspection will determine where you need help

We will fully evaluate all of the relevant issues to your web site to help you rank on the highest possible page for your strongest performing keywords in a search on the top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

All of the most important influencing factors such as web page structure, original content, good link profile, and many other factors that help us make you rank as highly as we can are used.

Being found in relevant organic search's for your top performing keywords will bring you new business. We want to help you get those keywords ranked as highly as possible so that you will get new business and sales.

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