Introduction to Hug-In-A-Can

Introduction to Hug-In-A-Can

Dear Friends and Followers,

I wanted to introduce you to something extremely special. It’s a new, and innovative way of sending a caring or special message of love from one person to another. This incredible item so moved me that I am encouraging you to view and talk about it with your family, friends, and people that you know.

When it comes to sending a greeting or a get-well card or feel better soon to someone you know, your choices have always been limited. You can of course send flowers, a greeting card, or chocolates. However, how much feeling, or warmth can be included with those well-known and often used offerings?

What if you want to send something that is truly unique, something that will convey your love to that other person, who may be feeling neglected or not in the best of health? Would you like to be able to send something real, something that your intended person can touch and feel and that conveys how much you care?

Selection of Hugs in a can

Hugs-In-A-Can Teddy Bear choices

Enter Hugs-In-A-Can. Nestled inside is “Hugs” the Teddy Bear for grown-ups! He is absolutely the plushest, and softest Bears in the world. “Hugs” comes packaged in a wonderfully unique gift can with handle and carries a unique “Hug-Gram” which contains your personalized message to the person you feel needs or deserves your hugs.

In addition, “Hugs” holds a little black velvet pouch. Inside, a special stone inscribed with the magical words, “Consider yourself hugged”. On the back of each can is the heartfelt message of “Hugology” and the importance of a Hug.

Hugology of Hugs in a can


There’s over 28 different Hugs-In-A-Can. These include Get Well Hugs, Birthday Hugs Hang in There Hugs, Love You Hugs, Bereavement Hugs, Best Friend Hugs, Just Because Hugs, and many more. You can see the complete line of Hugs-In-A-Can here and at their website.

In the event that your loved one or family member is not feeling well, we encourage you to send them Hugs-In-A-Can. The power of a sincere hug has been known to help people cope with and overcome stress and pain that they may be suffering. It can also make those that are happy, happier, and those that are healthy, healthier!

Let’s spread more Love and Warmth to our family and friends. What better way to do that then to send them something that’s unique, personalized and special to them directly from you? Hugs-In-A-Can sends the perfect message and expression of warmth, and I again, encourage you to talk about it with your colleagues friends and family today. It is quite possibly the most unique way to show someone you care!

On an important note, a portion of every sale of each Hugs-In-a-Can goes towards fighting cancer through cancer research.

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